A healthy snack! Homemade Nakd mint chocolate/ chocolate orange bar recipe

A healthy snack! Homemade Nakd mint chocolate/ chocolate orange bar recipe


I LOVE Nakd bars, so much so it became a mild addiction for a while and also got rather costly! After looking at the ingredients on the wrapper I decided to adapt the recipe and make some at home.

Here’s my recipe for the mint chocolate version, though you can substitute the mint for orange essence or even some freshly grated orange and a squeeze of the orange juice to make chocolate orange (kinda tastes like Terry’s chocolate orange, minus the fat!).

I’d advise popping into your local £1 shop as sometimes they have a good selection of dried fruit and nuts. Otherwise, Holland and Barratt or local Oriental Supermarkets.

Here’s what you’ll need:

150g Dried Dates

100g Sultanas

100g Ground Almonds

50g Cashew nuts

2x tbsp. Coco powder (I used Bournville)

1x tsp. Mint extract (most supermarkets sell this. I got mine in Waitrose because I’m reet posh like.

A dash of boiled water, if needs be.

Sesame seeds for decoration and extra crunch!


1. Roughly chop the dates and cashews and pop in a blender along with the sultanas and ground almonds.

2. Whizz up until the mixture is finely chopped and combined well.

3. Add the mint extract and coco powder, plus a dash of boiled water if the consistency seems to dry.

4. Whizz up again until the ingredients are combined well.

5. Once combined roll into snack sized balls, or even roll out into the same shape as a nakd bar.

6. Sprinkle the sesame seeds onto a plate and roll the balls in them to coat (optional).

There you have it! A nice and healthy snack, good to take to work, for school kids or just a good snack to reach for at home instead of the choccy biscuits!


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