14 day detox?! LET’S DO THIS THANG!


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Let’s get one thing straight, I am HAPPY with my body and the way I look. The reasons for doing a healthy eating plan (notice ‘healthy eating plan’ not ‘diet’), is because after a year of happily living with my other half I have gained over a stone in weight and although am comfortable at this size, my clothes don’t fit. My beautiful DIESEL matic jeans have been shoved into the back of the cupboard, my bra’s leave awful red lines around my body and even my knickers are tight?! Gah!

So the crux of it is… Stop eating so many chocolate bars (probably one a day) and chips (probably three times a week) and start living a bit better so I can:


B) Not have to buy an entire new wardrobe!

After searching high and low for a decent two week clean eating plan online that isn’t forcing me to buy into anything, or take some amazing diet pill that’s going to make me lose a stone in a week I stumbled across one on the forever fantasticBuzzfeed‘.

I’ve been a bit tardy in posting, but I’m currently on day two and although am missing my morning coffee and my regular cuppa in the office, it’s going OK?!

So, I’m going to post up what I ate yesterday for you a little later on today and will share the results at the end of the two weeks. I am combining this with exercise also, so it’s not all down to just what you eat, though it certainly helps mould your figure and then you get to be badass and sculpt it in the gym.

Here goes folks! Feel free to join me on this journey of caffeine withdrawal, the occasional tantrum and chocolate denial. It’s going to be a fun and interesting ride!

Starting weight: 9Stone 13Lbs

Link to PDF to the full 14 day plan: Clean Eating Challenge



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