Day 1 of the clean eating challenge… Done!


Kale and banana smoothie! Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!

So yesterday I started the Buzzfeed 14 day Clean eating challenge. I made sure I did a big grocery shop and ticked everything needed off of the challenge list and made sure I was prepared and ready for the next couple of weeks!

Morning start: Kale and Banana smoothie- Sounds rank, non? It was actually really nice! I cut the banana and added some kale and froze over night. Very good, very tasty and kept me satisfied up until midday.

Lunch bunch: Shaved asparagus salad with shallots and fried eggs- This was really nice, though as I started the plan a day later (plan starts on a Sunday) I had to adapt to take to work. So I made my salad with spring onion (forgot shallots- whoops!), two boiled eggs and thinly sliced the asparagus and had it raw. Actually an enjoyable lunch, pleasantly surprised, 7 out of 10.


Salad with egg, rocket, tomato, spring onions, feta and the rest…


Afternoon snack attack: Carrots and hummus- no brainer really.

Dinner (winner, winner): Roasted chicken with quinoa and steamed kale- Being a daughter of a chef I found this quite bland and boring, but it filled a hole! I also added some spring greens in with the kale as I’m a big fan of the leafy greens!

Nighttime snackette: A thinly sliced pear, drizzled with almond butter- Now, if you haven’t had almond butter before, it just tastes like peanut butter and it’s delicious darlings! I quite liked this as it sorted out my sweet tooth a treat, though was a bit nondescript.

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