Rubyxredxheart: Jewellery and accessories line

Rubyxredxheart: Jewellery and accessories line

I’m a punk rock chick with a love of accessories, so for me it only made sense to start making jewellery which encapsulated my inner 90’s teenager, love of glitter and fun times!

I started selling on Etsy a while ago, though it never really seemed to take off? Sure, I’ve sold a couple of things (literately- two on my Etsy page, more away from Etsy) but am I kidding myself by trying to put myself out there when the market is so over saturated with similar items at almost half the price?

Rubyxredxheart jewellery and accessories


Here’s the deal: I make everything myself. I use resin in liquid form, colour it, use molds and if some items are multi-coloured I have to wait for one layer to dry before I can add another. This whole process can take from 2-4 days. I then sand items down, drill holes for the findings, polish and varnish. I put the chains together myself for the necklaces too.

2015-04-13 10.27.45

With the fascinators I make (see the Alice in Wonderland inspired one on my Etsy page) these take a few days as the felt starts out as a large cone which has to be steamed, stretched, molded and pinned to a hat block and left to dry for about 12hrs. The wire is then measured, cut to size and hand stitched into the hat. All decorations are hand made and gems stuck on one-by-one onto the netting. I was recently told that £35.00 was “too expensive” for this item.

So I guess what I’m asking is this… Is it worth it? Should I carry on? I mean, I love it as I’m a creative and my 9-to-5 is not creative at all so it’s a great outlet.

Answers on a postcard, or below which would probably be easier…

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