Weekend Lust Haves

Weekend Lust Haves
weekend lust haves

A little late on this weekend’s lust haves! It was one of my best bids birthday par-tays Saturday night and I spend most of Saturday day making her cake and Sunday half asleep (party). This is an homage to a lazy Sunday, some pretty things I would like to be surrounded by and classic favourites of mine.

1. Unholy Matrimony (Beetlejuice) Art Print- Parlor Tattoo prints
2. Be Excellent to each other mug- Red Temple Prayer
3. Jon Ronson- So you’ve been publicly shamed- Awesome book, get yours at your local bookstore or Amazon, whatever.
4.The X-Files Saint Scully and Saint Mulder Prayer Candle Set, Patron Saints of the Paranormal- GreaserCreatures (Etsy)
5. Tibetan Tiger Rug- MIDDLEOFBEYOND.COM
6. Oatifix- Lush (BEST. FACE MASK. EVERRRR!)
7. ASOS Pirate Tee Short Pyjama Set- ASOS
8. 40% Milk Chocolate Batons- HotelChocolat.com

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