Motel Designer Collective: Grace Neutral

Motel Designer Collective: Grace Neutral

In the run up to launching their 2nd designer collective with space vixen, Grace Neutral; I took the time to interview this ethereal  babe to find out what it was like to work with Motel, ideas behind the collection and future plans (the only way is up, up, up and away!)….

So Grace, who’s idea was it to work on this collaboration together and what were your initial thoughts on this?

It was kind of a joint idea, I was tattooing Jenna one of Motel’s top girls and it just came up in the convo and then we where like, hold up! this is actualy a great idea! and it just went from there.

What excited you most about working with fashion giants Motel?

Seeing my patterns come to life on their amazing pieces. I have worn Motel for years, so it was really exciting for me to see the collaboration come to life and create a range.

What are your favourite pieces from the collection?

I love all the pieces but I have to say I’m a sucker for the kimono, it’s so comfortable and you can wear it with so many different styles (skirts, pants, dresses) or you can just dance around your house in the nude with nothing but the kimono on… I’ve done it and it made me feel amazing 😉

In December 2014 you did an interview with I-D magazine; when asked who or what do you aspire to look like you said “I just want to change my outside to reflect my soul, so feel like I fit more comfortably in my own skin”. Do you feel this also reflects your fashion as well as your tattoos and body mods?

Yes of course! Clothes are just another way of sculpting your body and making you feel more yourself and more comfortable with your day to day silhouette.

You’ve been tattooing professionally now for three years and have quickly become an accomplished tattoo artist and recognised for your personal style. What’s next for Grace Neutral?

Space travel I hope 🙂 but apart from that just creating as much as possible. The aim of the game is to spread as much love and good vibes as possible <3

GRACENEUTRALGrace Neutral Designer Collective with MotelRocks is live on their website as we speak. Go grab yourself a piece (or two?!).

Big Thanks to Motel and Grace xo

Any images used provided to me directly from Motel PR


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