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After hibernating for a couple of days after a heavy New Years eve, I thought it was best to get back on the writing wagon and celebrate the New Year with you all in written format rather than booze induced!

New Year has always been a funny one for me, more so than not it has felt like a night were we are forced to have fun, drink many and pay to get into pubs we usually walk into for free. These past few days have given me some time to reflect on last year and some personal goals I would like to achieve this year. Not to dwell too much, but since November 2014 I have been quite poorly with back and joint pain; I am still waiting on potential operations/ injections and hopefully get this sorted A-SAP! That’s partly why my writing was so sporadic last year and I apologise to my dedicated followers for this.

So, let us get onto the good, positive stuffs! Here are 10 manageable goals I am setting myself for 2016. Please do let me know yours and if we can coach and inspire each other, even better!

  1. Get my joints fixed- As above, this is my number 1 goal of 2016! I have been surviving on little sleep, depression because of my joints and become a hermit in 2015. To get this sorted and be on the road to recovery is crucial.
  2. See my friends and family more- 2015 was busy. Busy, busy, busy. For everyone, or so it seems? This year I need to make more of an effort to see friends and family and leave the house
  3. Read more- I used to be such a bookworm, though recently have been distracted by technology and let my bookish side down. Recommendations welcome! I love Fantasy and crime fiction. Hit.Me.Up.
  4. Cut down on the booze- I don’t go out loads and I don’t drink much, however when I do go out I do drink in excess and far too much. This needs to stop for a healthier and happier me.
  5. Go on more adventures- I love adventuring with my other half, though he is halfway through his MRes (Master of Research Degree) and our schedules always seem to clash. This year I plan on making more time for us to go on mini adventures and make more happy memories
  6. Get my butt back into the Gym- Oh, I know! EVERYONE says it when January rolls around. Though I want to do this FOR ME. Not for anyone else. I need to gain strength in order to support my joints and fitting into my smaller jeans would just be a bonus!
  7. Be at peace with myself- Now, this one may need a little more work on. I’m so untrusting with people for many reasons. I want to try an eradicate this from my life and be a more positive and trusting soul.
  8. Work harder in the day job and achieve work related goals- SURPRISE! This isn’t my day job! I have to work to pay the rent and bills, just like anyone else. Though in order to do this I want to be doing so in a job that I love and can nurture. I have already set-up action plans for this, for work shadowing and development. Hopefully 2016 will be my year for a job in a techy field.
  9. Cook healthier meals-¬†Being the daughter of a published chef this is an important one for me. I LOVE food. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. Though have been eating for convenience instead of nutrition. I’m going to get back on that and will share some delicious recipes with you all.
  10. Stop comparing myself to others- VERY IMPORTANT! I’m almost 35 years of age and still don’t feel fabulous. I know I should do, but I’m not quite there yet. There are may young ladies around looking glam and stunning and I just don’t think I compare. This can also fall under number 7 of these wafflings. So this is to really focus on my health, mentally and physically and treasuring what I have. We only get one shot at this life, so why cloud it will overly emotional brain farts?


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