In the Spotlight: Bad Cop/ Bad Cop

In the Spotlight: Bad Cop/ Bad Cop

Back in February 2016 I interviewed Bad Cop/ Bad Cop, an all female, badass punk rock band from California and asked them about their UK tour, how they met and what the future holds…

Q. How did you all meet? How was the band formed?

Jennie: We were all playing in bands in the same area.  (you tend to meet and know other ladies in bands)  Our original bass player, Jen Kirk-Carlson put Bad Cop together as an experiment and we all agreed it was a great idea that should keep going.


Q. The past three years have been really busy for you! Did you ever imagine that after Stacey asked Fat Mike [NOFX] to come to Lilith Bear to watch you play he would turn up and you’d get signed to Fat Wreck?

Jennie: Stacey had been working on Home Street Home with Mike for a few years, pretty much the entire time we’d been together as a band.  We were always teasing her about sending him some of our music but she was too modest about it (haha). Finally that show came up and it was too fun to miss so she invited him.  We never thought he would come see us and we never ever imagined we would get signed to Fat Wreck!
Stacey:  I have never been one to push my music on anyone.  I’m the kind of person that wants the music and performance to speak for itself and I haven’t asked for anything.  I knew Mike and Soma (Fat Mike’s wife) were coming to the show.  We had previously discussed the need for women to be represented in punk rock and on the label and I did indeed invite them to the Lilith Bear show… but I had no expectations of us getting signed.  Though It seemed like it was the perfect storm.  Mike told me that he had said to himself that if we sounded good on the PA, he would sign us. Thankfully, we had a great show, and they loved it.  Over shots, he told me he was gonna put out an EP with us….SUCCESS!  Then I got a phone call from him a few days later saying we were getting signed.  Honestly, after that phone call my ears went deaf for a few weeks….  complete shock.

Q. I was a teenager in the 90’s and have always been a Fat Wreck fan. I’m especially into the strong female protagonist, female vocals and have always loved bands such as Tilt and DHC. What female fronted bands do you admire or feel inspired by?

Jennie: I am super into that stuff, too.  When I was a kid I would always take note if there was a girl in the band. Teen Idols (the Chicago one) came through Detroit a lot and that was important. Tilt was HUGE for me as a teenager. Discount and Tsunami Bomb after that.  There are a ton of great ladies making music these days. Especially where we live!  Too many to mention, really. (I could punish you with the world’s longest answer here but I’ll try to reel it in, haha!) We get to see Bombon and The Stupid Daikini and just got to play with a cool psychedelic band called Harriers of Dischord. Crowbaby are 2 rooms down from us at band practice.  Yaawn and Hillary Chillton are really good. The Bombpops are basically our cousins and 4 of the funnest humans on the planet.  Quaaludes are great. I just found Heavy Cream and BullyNeighborhood Brats are back and we’re missing their tour right now 🙁    I LOVE Erica Freas and Mickey Mocnick.  Myra and I go see Shannon and the Clams and The Coathangers every chance we get. Kenny from Spoilers just showed me Shit Present on the drive and I am hoping to pick that up while we’re here. Myra is a walking encyclopedia of LA Riot Grrl bands.  She sees more live music than anyone I’ve ever met and knows her lady bands!
Linh: I mostly listened to metal and hardcore music growing up and didn’t get introduced to the punk scene to much later in my life. However, once I was introduced to the punk scene, it became more and more of a pleasant surprise that there were more and more females a part of the scene. I don’t know if I can say I’m heavily influenced, but they are all inspiring. I have to give a shout-out to the Bombpops for just shredding and being such an amazing band to listen to and watch.
Stacey:  The GoGo’s were the first all female band that I ever saw.  I fought my way to the front of the stage and stared at Jane Wiedlin, I knew then that was what I was going to do with the rest of my life.  The Bombpops are like sisters and rule hard.  I am a real fan of women who sing it like they mean it and with everything they have.  I love when a voice breaks and you can hear all of the emotion behind the lyrics.  I’m into singer’s what bleed for their music.
Q. You released your EP ‘Boss lady’ in 2014 and your first full length album ‘Not Sorry’ less than a year ago and they’ve both performed so well and continue to do so. Now you’re on your first UK tour! What does that feel like?
Jennie: It’s been a fun couple years and things have gone better and farther than any of us ever imagined.  Surprise career shift for everybody, ha!
Stacey: Life since the release of, “Boss Lady”, has been extremely surreal.  It seems that right now we are flying the flag for females in punk bands, giving hope to others that it is possible to be included, successful and important to the genre of music we create.  The positive response from our community in regards to, “Not Sorry”, really has shown that we’ve earned and deserve our notch in punk rock music’s timeline.
Linh: ah-mah-zeeng
Photo credit: Jeremy Venaas
Q. How are you enjoying the UK tour so far? Any highlights/ lowlights you care to share?
Jennie: This is the best tour we’ve ever been on.  It’s unreal.  Everybody is so funny and smart and professional and we’re so happy to be here.  No lowlights yet!  Which is unusual haha.  Getting to meet the Lees’ adorable families and laugh all day long are my highlights so far.  And driving past a Shetland pony. 
Stacey:  I love the UK.  England lives in my heart.  The tour has been amazing with Snuff and the Spoilers.  We have been laughing so hard and playing amazing shows.  It really is all for one and one for all on this tour…. one huge punk rock traveling circus.  My personal highlights have been to be back together with Lee and Loz who I was in band with when I lived in London in 2006 (Park Royal), seeing everyone’s kids and spouses again and getting to play with one of my all time favorite bands.  Also, playing Duncan’s drums while he played guitar.  Too cool.  My lowlight was the smell inside the Think Tank in Newcastle.  The show, venue and people were great…. but venue smelled like everyone who ever stepped inside the club pissed somewhere in it.  No shade tho.
Linh: This has been the most fun and most organized tour. There is absolutely NO stress and just simply brillo…
Q. For anyone not familiar with your music, how would you describe it in five words or less?
I think we should all weigh in on this one and you can mash it up exquisite corpse style:
Stacey:  Witty, Hooky, Harmonies and Drums
Myra:  Hi energy relentless beats and harmonies.
Jennie: rad drumming and great harmonies
Stacey again: hot snakes in yo face
Linh: Pleasantly Upbeat With Addicting Hooks
Linh (again): No No No No…… Yes


You can buy Bad Cop/ Bad Cop musics and merch HERE as well as keep up to date with news and tour dates! Magnifico!
Featured Image by JC Penny Inspired by The Golden Girls

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