In the spotlight: Social Decay

In the spotlight: Social Decay

I caught up with Melissa Garcia, the gorgeous gal in charge of sales for one of my favourite brands ‘Social Decay‘. I always love finding out about the inner workings of companies and where their inspiration comes from. Read more below…

Firstly, great to be in touch with you and loving your brand. Tell me a bit yourself! What’s your role within Social Decay and how was it founded?
I’m in charge of sales for the company, so I travel a lot doing trade shows and visiting stores with Sam, the co-owner. Sam and her partner Matt founded the company together a few years ago and we started wholesaling about a year ago. Matt and Sam worked together previously & decided to go into business on their own & start this great growing company that is Social Decay. We are still a small team so we all do a little bit of everything, but that ensures we never have a boring day and that there is always something to do!

What’s in a name? Who came up with ‘Social Decay’ and what does it mean to you?  What is the inspiration behind the brand?

I think the best way to describe the name and Social Decay as a whole is in our company description: “Social Decay stands for being yourself, wearing your attitude on your sleeve, and being apologetically bad ass. We create rock ‘n’ roll inspired clothing for deviants and rebels across the globe”. I think for me personally Social Decay most represents being who you are, I’ve always stood by the phrase what you are is just what you are. 

We work hard to keep our development in our own hands by making intelligent and responsible choices when producing all of our garments. Whenever, possible, we print our goods by hand in Brooklyn and construct them in the United States. Social Decay is socially responsible. 
We find inspiration for the brand everywhere, whether it be creative bloggers, street art in our neighborhood or just cute memes on the Internet. We really try to be super versatile and appeal to all ages and all kinds of people.
Photo provided by Melissa @SocialDecay
I have many tattoos and see you do too! Can you tell me your favorite ones, where they are from and why you love your ink?
My favorite is always whichever is the newest, I can never pick otherwise! I’ve worked at a tattoo shop as well for the past 8 years called Fun City (go there if you need a tattoo while in NYC!) so most of my tattoos are from the artists that have worked there over the years. I guess the reason I love my tattoos would be because I feel more like myself having them and I just enjoy getting cool designs from my friends.
Your clothing always sends a bold message to people via slogans and most probably means something to the person wearing it. Who comes up with these and what kind of person do you think wears them?
Matt (the co owner) is the graphic designer so he is responsible for the designs, but we all sit down and come up with design inspiration and phrases etc. We think the Social Decay wearer is really anyone who wants to make a bit of a statement and have fun with their outfit, we try not to take ourselves too seriously.
social decay trade fair shot
Brooklyn! I’ve never been! What hidden gems lay within the borough that you’d recommend visiting? What makes it a great place to live?
I actually live in Manhattan, that’s where I grew up, but our offices are in Brooklyn so I’m there almost daily. We’re in Bushwick, which for both better & worse has seen a lot of changes since I was a teenager. There are a lot of cute hidden places to eat and drink. My favourites are Anchored Inn (get the Carmen fries!), Tutu’s (for great cocktails) and El Cortez (tiki drinks and tacos mmm).
What does the future hold for ‘Social Decay’ brand?
We want to conquer the world! It’d be cool to have offices in other cities, like Los Angeles and London. We have big dreams. Stay tuned!
social decay fountain shot
Many thanks to Melissa for taking the time to answer my Q & A! You can follow Social Decay via the following links:
Photo credit: All photo’s provided by Melissa @SocialDecay

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