London Fashion Weekend- Canon Fashion Photography Experience featuring Alice Temperley collection

London Fashion Weekend- Canon Fashion Photography Experience featuring Alice Temperley collection

In February 2016 I won a competition to join other aspiring fashion and lifestyle photographers to photograph the Alice Temperley show at London Fashion Weekend.

Off I trundled up to London feeling like a bit of a fashion fraud (my socks and shoes were for comfort and not the most stylish- sorry not sorry). I met with the Canon crew at the exclusive Sloan Club just around the corner from the Saatchi Gallery where the event was going to take place. We were debriefed, handed a gorgeous Canon SLR to play with for the day and given a talk from an expert fashion and media photographer to gain some top tips and inspiration.

Alanna Smith-LFWKEND-RRH

I wasn’t expecting much, however when I snagged a hot spot in the photographer’s pit I felt a little flutter of excitement and sort of looked like I knew what I was doing.

Alice Temperly LFWKEND 2016 RRH8

The crowds started to flood in, they were looking at us hoping to get snapped and just maybe their faces would appear online somewhere for 30 seconds of fame. Lights dimmed and out walks George Lamb to introduce the Alice Temperley Collection.

Alice Temperly LFWKEND 2016 RRH9

Hats featured as the main accessory, teamed with flowing dresses and gladiator sandals. There was the classic Alice Temperley simple elegance to the whole collection and to be honest my ramblings won’t do it justice! Just feast your eyes on these…

Alice Temperly LFWKEND 2016 RRH1 Alice Temperly LFWKEND 2016 RRH2 Alice Temperly LFWKEND 2016 RRH3 Alice Temperly LFWKEND 2016 RRH4 Alice Temperly LFWKEND 2016 RRH7 Alice Temperly LFWKEND 2016 RRH11 Alice Temperly LFWKEND 2016 RRH12

And to finish off, here’s a mini Instagram vid of the day! Can you spot me in all my awkward glory?!

All images taken are my own (apart from one taken of me which was by a fellow competition winner). If you would like to reuse please request permission first and give credit where credit's due.


  1. July 25, 2016 / 7:50 pm

    Fab photo’s…..looks like a great experience!! Love the look of that collection too! x

      July 26, 2016 / 7:08 pm

      Thanks Holly! It really was great fun. A long day, but totally worth it 🙂

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