MONKI Business

MONKI Business

I haven’t written a post for a week or so. Terribly sorry folks! I’ve just started a new job role in my FT place of work, so I’ve been trying to absorb crazy amounts of information whilst coming home looking like a stoned zombie carrying enough baggage under my eyes for three families of four on an easy jet flight to Spain.

I digress…

This post is about one of my favourite things in life, my daily lusts, my happy place and (most certainly) my wardrobe. FASHION (turn to the left, turn to the right).

I’d like to point out that this is not a sponsored post, but a post I am writing out of my sheer love for this stylish, versatile and easy to accessorise brand that fills my heart with joy so much so that I get little flutters of excitement when a new batch of clothing is released or a jazzy sale gif pops up in my inbox.

I’m talking about none other than Swedish brand MONKI. Their minimalistic scandinavian style meets quirky and offbeat japanese flair is everything my fashion dreams are made of. The thing I love about them the most is that they are FUN! So much fun! Their prices are affordable and the cut of their clothing flattering, that you can grab a simple top for a fiver and make it look like you’ve just walked out of a high-end fashion store. They are expressive and the clothes allow you to wear them the way YOU want, not like some places where you go into and feel you have to be a size zero to work an outfit to it’s full sass potential (is it only me that feels that?). Their tagline says “MONKI- Puts the smile back into fashion”, which certainly works for me.

I’m a curvy girl and this brand sings to my fashion and art loving soul.

Here’s an outfit I put together from some of my current favourite pieces. And these shoes are the most comfortable thing ever. It’s my birthday soon, so I should maybe treat myself to another pair (details of what I’m wearing bottom of page).

monki edit 1 monki edit 5 monki edit 6 monki edit 2 monki edit 7 monki edit 3 monki edit 4

All photographs taken by the beautiful Yasmin Collins. She’s a true peach.

You can check out her work here:




Big Thanks to Samo of Play Dead tattoo studio and art gallery for letting us use her space.

Sporty dress £25.00, Moheda Betty Braided Sandal £50.00, Pizza clutch £18.00, Becky sunglasses £8.00 SOLD OUT, Mesh socks £5.00- All available from MONKI

Shoot styled by me


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