Tony Wood Hair- Colour Lounge Experience

Tony Wood Hair- Colour Lounge Experience

I’ve been going to Tony Wood Hairdressers (Castle road, Southsea) for a couple of years now and have witnessed the salon go from strength to strength. In recent months they have been pretty busy to say the least! Moving the salon around and introducing the ‘Barbership‘ as well as creating their stunning colour lounge in the basement of what was once filled with antiques (the building was once an antique shop).

My hairdresser (and friend) is Lydia Wolfe. A beautiful woman with a heart of gold, fantastic style and she’s a pretty great hairdresser to boot! She does an amazing cut, though Lydia’s creative passions and astute skills lie within colour which is very evident. So-much-so that she was this year’s runner up ‘Colour Technician of the Year’ at The News’ Hair and Beauty Awards 2016, sponsored by GOOD SALON GUIDE.

The other weekend I went in for a bit of a change-up, which is generally what I do every 6-8 weeks?! Last time I went a little blonder with acid yellow dip-dye, this time I decided I wanted to be more of an Ice Queen (see inspo image below)

hair colour inspo

The colour lounge is down a set of wooden steps leading into the basement. The mix of sleek modern style with a creative twist meets vintage vibes (a transition from the old antiques shop) are seen throughout the lounge and colour areas. You sit and have your hair coloured in front of a large rectangular glass table, suspended from the ceiling with soft changing lights running around the outside and miniature model of the building beneath a glass dome in the middle of the table. I really like this aspect, that everyone sits around one large table to have their hair done, many clients joining in with each others conversations and having a bit of a giggle.

Tony wood mannequin heads- copyright Alanna Smith (rubyxredxheart) 2016

Tony wood 2

Tony wood 1

After your hair is colored, you’re taken to a separate lounge area where you can relax with a magazine, a hot or cold beverage and even some popcorn if that take’s your fancy! One thing is for sure in the salon is that everyone is very well looked after from clients to staff. With regards to the staff you can see how well everyone works together and although rushed off of their feet (most of the time) they are always smiling and nothing is of too much trouble. It seems to me to be a very well-oiled ship that’s not afraid of change and constantly evolving.

Tony wood 3

Tony wood 4

Tony wood 5

Tony wood 7

In Lydia’s words, here’s what she used on my hair to achieve the impressive end result “I used 3 different levels of peroxide with lightener (bleach), olaplex in all of them. Olaplex is the current game changer in hairdressing and is a ‘bond multiplier’ which means we can achieve things with bleach we could never achieve previously without compromising the hair. Then I did a ‘colour bath’ to create an even base then added a ‘pearl’ toned toner. We use Goldwell as a brand for all our colour and KMS styling products”

So here’s the end result! I also had my undercut re-vamped which I’m really pleased with:

Tony wood 8

Tony wood 9

Tony wood 10

Thanks so much to Lydia for her time as always and the wonderful service you and the Tony Wood team provide!

Goldwell is used as a brand for all colour and KMS styling products at Tony Wood Hair.

You can find out more about Tony Wood Hairdressing here:





Tony wood 12

All photograph's copyright of Alanna Smith (@rubyxredxheart 2016). Photo's without me in them taken by Lydia Wolfe and Lucy Kirby of Tony Wood Hair. Collage created by me with images from Pinterest.


  1. Julie
    August 3, 2016 / 12:11 pm

    Such a cool post Alanna! I used to go to Tony for all my hair needs way back in the early/mid-90s, in his much smaller shop further down Castle Rd and it’s brill to see he’s done so well all these years later 🙂

      August 3, 2016 / 3:45 pm

      Thanks for the kind words Julie! I love hearing stories about local businesses growing and watching them do so. He’s got a fantastic team in there and it’s so innovative 🙂

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