Positive lifestyle changes, inspired by No More Bolics!

Positive lifestyle changes, inspired by No More Bolics!

My weight has always been a struggle of mine. Now, don’t get me wrong I’ve always been more of a cup half full kinda gal, though the ridiculous and moreover unachievable societal pressures we’re put under today can take it’s toll on how you feel in your own skin and self image. So after the cosmos brought peronsal trainer and fitness entrepreneur Luke and I together, I was in the right frame of mind to take on his ‘NO MORE BOLICS‘ 60 day challenge. In the below image you’ll see yours truly as a young teenager. I think I look pretty cute, but the playground bullies weren’t so kind (and I have now learnt to be kinder to myself and my younger self!)….

As you’ll read in a previous post of mine I struggled with pain for many months which (after being a keen gym goer) left me unable to get in a full workout  at any time and the weight crept back on. I became very depressed, ate through my depression (a lot) became VERY grumpy (apologies loved ones) and wasn’t able to do much for about 19 months.

In February 2016, I had my operation and was able to move better again though needed support and wanted to challenge myself, which is where the NO MORE BOLICS plan came into my life. The idea of the plan is really very simple and easy to follow.

With so many people on the web becoming fitness stars, trying to get you to sign-up to their plans it can be very daunting and difficult to choose who to trust and what plans to go with, but I guarantee you this is one which really works and is fairly easy to stick with, plus it’s only 60 days!

The plan is this: You have a couple of small, initial stages. First sign-up (duh) and you then need to submit a couple of photos, one front shot (I wore a gym bra and knickers for these photos) and one side, then take some simple measurements and record your weight in KG’s. Once submitted Luke then comes back to you within around 48 hours with a food plan for your first 30 days. What I found great is that he breaks the shopping list down into handy weekly shopping lists, whereas other plans I’ve tried just give you the recipes and you have to go through and work it all out yourself so he kindy takes the pressure off here! He also gives you a workout plan to coincide with the meal plan.

The first 30 days went well, and I (pretty much) stuck rigidly to the plan as well as going to exercise classes through the gym at work. In 30 days I lost 1.5kg in weight, 3cm on my hips, but only 1cm around my waist which I was a little disappointed with as I thought I’d worked really hard?! Evidently not hard enough! I also mentioned to Luke that it was pretty impossible to have any of the hot/ cooked items over lunch as I work in an office, so he edited the next 30 day plan and made all the lunchtime meals more convenient for office workers! The personal touch was much appreciated.

The next 30 days I found to be a bit more of a struggle! I was starting to go to gym classes 3 times a week, which was ace! I found my motivation for exercise creeping back and felt more energised which was what I wanted, however I do find plans difficult to stick to as circumstances can sometimes change. When going out for meals with friends I made sure I made better choices and didn’t always go for the burger and fries (my favourite, FYI), though I did always have a glass or two of wine with my meal (sorry Luke!). What I also found is that you need to shop around for the best deals on certain things on the shopping lists as buying quite a lot of meat (there is a vegetarian plan available from Luke, too) and veg can be expensive, especially as I was cooking for two people (because there’d be no point cooking two separate meals for me and my boyfriend), maybe I just didn’t plan well enough?

So, I actually only managed about 50 days of the plan as had a holiday scheduled (only a week short of the full 60 days, which isn’t that bad!), however I really did notice a difference. Overall I lost 4.5KGs, 5cm around my hips and 6cm around my waist. The before and after photo’s really do help you see a visual difference and some clothes I hadn’t worn for almost 20 months fitted me again which was a real confidence booster!

In hindsight, I think I’d do the plan again and stick with it wholeheartedly; perhaps I’ll tackle it again in the new year and go from there? All-in-all the support from Luke is fantastic as he’s obviously very passionate about what he does and isn’t just in this to make a quick buck. He really cares about people as individuals and wants to see people succeed which I really admire. The thriving and ever-growing Facebook community he hosts is fabulous and I would highly recommend the 60 DAY CHALLENGE to anyone.

You can find out more about Luke and the 60 day challenge here:






Please note this is a sponsored post in agreement with Luke @ No More Bolics and Alanna of Rubyxredxheart

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