Beckett’s restaurant, Southsea- A review

Beckett’s restaurant, Southsea- A review

I was lucky enough to win £40.00 in vouchers for Becketts in a raffle around Christmas time. I seem to be a bit of a pro at winning things in raffles, a lucky streak I’ve had since childhood. My parents used to own a restaurant together when I was younger, my dad is a published chef, has cooked for royalty, ran a UKSA course for super yacht chefs and I honestly don’t think anyone can beat my mum at making desserts (she’s really an all rounder!), so I guess you could say I have quite high standards when it comes to food? Especially when it comes to places which all I’ve heard is rave reviews about.

Beckett’s atmosphere was wonderful, the decor was spotless, stylish and it was a very comfortable environment to be in. We had a couple of different waiting staff for the evening and they were just delightful, nothing was too much trouble; they were very professional and had very warm and caring dispositions which is so very important in the services industry.

Now we come to the food. We both had the ‘Ham hock hash cake’ to start (£6.50) which was really nice. I didn’t pick up on the beer taste in the ‘beer and mustard hollandaise’, but the hash cake itself was so delicious that I didn’t really think too much of it. Then we get to the mains, I had the ‘Roast corn fed chicken breast’ (£14.50) and my other half had the ‘Wild boar casserole’ (£14.95). I have to be honest here and say I really wasn’t that impressed with my main meal. The price of £14.50 for what was basically a chicken breast, mashed potato, spring greens and quite a thick piece of pancetta plonked on top I thought it was quite over priced, and the quality didn’t really match that price. I tried some of my boyfriend’s casserole and whilst it was pretty tasty, the presentation wasn’t what you’d expect of a £15 (all but 5p) dish. We also shared a bottle of prosecco, as on a Wednesday evening it’s only £10.00 which was a bonus. After I’d finished my first glass of prosecco, another waiter appeared (different to the two serving us earlier) asking if everything was OK and whisked my glass away before checking if we had any prosecco left (we had a bottle next to the table), so I had to get someone’s attention to get another glass.

All in all we had a pleasant experience. The two female waiting staff were the stars of the evening as they were so attentive and professional; the overall atmosphere was relaxed, the decor was inspiring and we had a very enjoyable evening. The only thing to let it down was the quality of the main meals, as they weren’t quite what was expected in relation to the cost associated and the hype I’d heard about the place. I think I’d probably go back again for the general atmosphere and to share some cocktails with some pals in the bar area.

Date visited: Wednesday 22nd February, 2017 at 8pm.

Total cost of meal: 2x starters, 2x mains, 1x bottle of prosecco= £52.45 (Wednesday evening, prosecco= £10.00 per bottle) 

Atmosphere: 5/5

Decor: 5/5

Staff: 4/5

Food: 3/5

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