LUSH Portsmouth preview evening- 23rd March 2017

LUSH Portsmouth preview evening- 23rd March 2017

I am a massive fan of LUSH, ever since the Cosmetics-to-go years (way back when!), so I was excited to attend the preview evening for the relaunch of the LUSH store in Portsmouth. The prosecco was flowing and they had some amazing vegan canapes on offer.

The store looks amazing. They’ve extended it width ways and moved the till to the front which means more room for everyone and more basket swinging/ elbow room! They also have some products which are usually exclusive to the Oxford Street store which is exciting! They had demos of products and you could even make your own comforter bar, which I did and mine looked like a complete mess?! Still, same product, so will work the same, right?

The night was so much fun and I think the store looks fabulous. Well done to all those involved.


All photo's taken by me, rubyxredxheart

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