Elements Rainwear – look stylish and glam whilst keeping the wet weather at bay!

Elements Rainwear – look stylish and glam whilst keeping the wet weather at bay!

I’d first come across Elements rainwear at alternative fashion trade show, LondonEdge in February of this year and noted them as one of my brands to keep an eye on.

The company began in 1996 with Gary Lowther (Elements Rainwear, Sales Director) and his then girlfriend out of the back of a small garage. Jump forward 21 years and the company has grown into a factory in Brackley, just 19 miles outside of Oxford with around 15 members of staff.

Elements focus on bringing manufacturing back to the UK and have a rigorous training programme for their staff to ensure the highest quality of production in this small, yet highly successful company. It takes one years training just to be able to construct the raincoats. They also make leggings, hats and umbrellas.

The coats are made using traditional methods and older machines sourced from ‘Marks Bros of Ardwick’ Old Mill factory which was located in Manchester.

Inspired by plastic raincoats throughout the ages, they take elements of classic styles and cuts, and give them a more modern twist whilst staying true to the timeless elegance and the Elements Rainwear brand.

They are also very focused on minimal waste. All the scraps are sent down a shoot into the basement, where they are collected and then taken to a recycling facility where they are then melted down and made into recycling bins.

Elements have been featured in Vogue and Grazia magazines, as well as being worn by celebrities such as Leona Lewis (Featuring a double-breasted purple raincoat). They also made the PVC airline outfits as featured on Big Brother (the season featuring Jade Goody).

Myself and two other bloggers (Hollie writes and Shiala Skies), had a fantastic tour of the factory, met the staff and were then treated to a lunch provided by the wonderful Elements team. We got to try on loads of the merch and it was difficult to choose which coat to take away as they were all so fantastic! I went for a long, spotted rainmac with a hood in the end and am looking forward to showcasing it more when the weather permits!

Many Thanks to Gary and his team for being so wonderful and allowing us to come and take a tour.

You can read more about Elements Rainwear and follow them via the following links (go treat yo self!):






All photo's taken by ecowildchild, apart from the one I am in taken by Gary of Elements rainwear.

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