Eco and Ethical Advent Calendars

Eco and Ethical Advent Calendars

It’s almost the 1st of December?! HOW HAS THAT HAPPENED?! The yearly question of ‘where has this year gone’ starts to rear it’s inevitable head, so let’s take a look at some splendid advent calendars which are for the more ethically and eco minded…

For the charity supporter

Advent of change

Behind each door, a £1 donation to a selected charity is revealed. Give something back this festive season. £24 of the calendar cost goes to charity. You can purchase yours for £27.95 here.

Image retrieved from @adventofchange Instagram

For the one who likes to relax and just be

The Mindful Advent

Image retrieved from @bojourn_studio Instagram

Eco friendly and made in the UK, this gorgeous advent calendar centering around mindfulness and self-care is something which would appeal to those who need some RnR. This advent comes in a neat box with candle, bath salts and beautifully crafted cards to bring guidance and gentle reminders to be Mindful in everyday life. You can purchase yours for £22.00 here.

For the chocolate lover

Divine Fair Trade Milk Chocolate Calendar

Still the only Fairtrade chocolate company in the world owned by cocoa farmers. No palm oil or soya, no artificial flavours and vegetarian. You can purchase yours at the pocket change cost of £3.00 from here.

Image retrieved from the Ocado website

For the sweet tooth who doesn’t like chocolate

Candy Kittens Advent Calendar

I love these sweets, made with real fruit juice, they’re gluten free and also vegan. You can purchase yours for £12.00 here.

Image retrieved from @candykittens Instagram

For the beauty lover

Holland & Barrett 25 Days Of Cleaner Beauty Calendar

Ok, so this one is a little on the more expensive side. However you get some wonderful, full-size products and cult beauty favourites. You can purchase yours for £70.00 here. They also do a 12 days of Christmas advent calendar for £35.00, here.

Image retrieved from @hollandandbarrett Instagram

For the vegan minded

Hotel Chocolat: The Advent Calendar – 100% Ecuador

There are simply loads of options for vegan advent calendars for sale at the moment from regular supermarkets, costing as little as £2.00. Though I’ve been looking at most calendars with a more luxury edge. Why not try this fab, vegan and sugar free calendar by Hotel Chocolat, price £12.00 and you can buy it here.

Image retrieved from @hotelchocolat Instagram

Zero Waste Ideas

Here are some things which you may wish to do during advent which are of minimal cost and zero/ minimal waste:

  • Buy books from a charity shop to unwrap each day (great if you have little kids so you can read them a new story each night
  • Give something back! Think a reverse advent. Why not create a charity box to gift to the homeless
  • Pay it forward. Each day during advent, do something nice for someone else. Whether that be buying someone a coffee, or simply smiling and saying good morning to someone on the street, as you may just brighten their day
  • Declutter! Get rid of one thing each day during advent in your home. Give away things as gifts or give to charity
  • Send a message to a different friend/ family member each to let them know how much they mean to you and that you’re thinking of them

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