Ecowildchild rose from the ashes of Alanna’s original blog RubyxRedxHeart. The (rebirth) of the blog happened in May 2017, when being fed-up of consumer culture, the way we treat our planet and fashion ethics Alanna decided to take her blog in a new direction with a more meaningful and purposeful focus. The blog aims to educate, as well as being a learning experience for Alanna herself. No-one is perfect, but we can all be doing something (however small) in our daily lives to make this a safer, happier, healthier and kinder world to live in.

Alanna resides on the south coast of the UK with her faithful cat Eli and enjoys cycling, reading a variety of literature (fiction, journals and articles) and blogging (obviously!). For the past four years, she has worked at a the University of Portsmouth and has been an active part of their Environment Network, which involved being one of the lead organisers for the Future Solent conference (2014) around the theme “Energising the Solent”. She is also completing a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing (part-time – so far, set for a distinction).

She has worked in outreach education to children; teaching them to make biodegradable plastics and paper with local wildflower seeds. Working with and around topics such as sustainability and the environment fuelled Alanna’s passions for conservation, regeneration and protection for our planet. She hopes to go on to educate people through her own blog and contributing to the Ecologist about current issues in the fashion trade, and how to be more mindful when consuming and minimising waste


Alanna has been a contributor to Things & Ink magazine (blog), WOW247 Portsmouth and has recently landed a writing position with The Ecologist. You can read her most recent publication with The Ecologist here.

PR friendly, though will only be willing to work with brands that fit with the theme of the blog. Please email: ecowildchild@gmail.com for any enquiries