So we’re in May and the weather can’t quite work out what it wants to do yet. For me it’s still too early for sandals (I get cold toes) so I’ve gone for a nice… View Post

I’m a punk rock chick with a love of accessories, so for me it only made sense to start making jewellery which encapsulated my inner 90’s teenager, love of glitter and fun times! I started… View Post

My friend has been looking for some shoes for a Goth/ Alternative wedding. Here’s some of my favourite’s on a budget of around £50 and under…   Shoes for a Goth/ Alternative wedding by rubyxredxheart… View Post

    Zed Martin- Constantine by rubyxredxheart featuring a draped jacket I am totally, 100%, head-over-heels in love with the wardrobe of the character Zed Martin in the TV series Constantine. Very subtle, edgy and… View Post