My approach to fashion and trends is generally quite relaxed. I like to pick out pieces which I feel comfortable in which reflect my personality, and I don’t tend to follow any ideals of “what’s… View Post

  This Weekend’s Lust Haves is an homage to my friend and (maybe) yours, The Cat! Now my cat is a weird little creature; big, fluffy and extremely neurotic. I adopted him from a shelter… View Post

    Zed Martin- Constantine by rubyxredxheart featuring a draped jacket I am totally, 100%, head-over-heels in love with the wardrobe of the character Zed Martin in the TV series Constantine. Very subtle, edgy and… View Post

Back in the mid-90’s I used to shop in a small flea market on the Isle of Wight for interesting trinkets and accessories. One day a small shop popped up selling hair dye, cosmetics and… View Post